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Bristol 412

Reference: Brist412AB

Model: Bristol 412

Year: 1975

Colour: Dark blue

Sold: 12th Apr 2021

Tags: Bristol

The Bristol 412 was styled by Zagato in Italy, and one or two cars were fully made by Zagato. Main production followed at the Bristol Cars Works in Patchway, Bristol.

This particular car is believed to be chassis 2 in the 412 series, and may have been made by Zagato. Notice the very rare " BristolZagato" badge on the side of the coachwork. As an early car it has the large 6.3 litre engine as fitted to the contemporary Bristol 411 S5. The passenger doors have frameless windows, and this particular car has alloy door framing as well as paneling, a very rare feature. The twin headlight arrangement is non standard.

It needs a full inspection and probably extensive chassis restoration, along with the interior and mechanical items.

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